Aug. 12th, 2010

Whee... And i'm now officially 26, time to pay the driver's license registration and stuff... *Laughs* They kinda need to make the timing of those things better.

But yeah, officially my birthday, so i get the right to make a post dedicated to nothing but attracting attention to myself! *bounces around waving with arms and wings*

I think the best way to see the thing is really "Hey, i made it thru another year without either destroying the earth, the world as we know it, or myself! Good job!", much better than "Blargh, one year closer to death."

If i die it's going to be in an explosion anyway. I still plan on not dying. Not 'cause almost everyone ends up doing so one day that i have to too! I can be the first to be just that stubborn!

... yeah, random topic drift. It IS past midnight, and i am low on sleep. Whee. Had to wake up early to get the car to the shop... Whee, there goes a few thousands $$$s!

And tomorrow is the last day of work for me until the 21st, nice paid vacation to make up for some of the unpaid overtime i did. I'm going to likely start driving east 'till i either reach the ocean, or just go south at Riviere-du-loup, and end up in charlottetown or Halifax, or both!

Anyone in that general direction with crashspace?

And no, i actually have no plans for anything to do on my actual birthday...

Oh, and i should get some sleep! *falls over, sleeps*



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