Drywall is very heavy.

Random idea.

A movie about someone wanting to be a star, wanting to act in front of cameras, but never quite making it.

And have the whole thing filmed as if seen thru CCTV cameras, phone cam shots from strangers on the street, ATM and buses cameras, street webcams and such... Never on purpose.

Just to make people realise how often they are on camera without even being aware of it.

Is anyone here, or does anyone here know someone who's driving to Anthrocon, and might have some space for an extra person?

It doesn't look like i'll find anyone leaving from Montréal, but i'd be happy with anyone who would be leaving from Toronto, or from the new york area, or anywhere else in the area. I'm willing to bus down there to meet up with the ride, i just don't want to spend 24h in public transport and pay ridiculously much for that.

I don't mind paying for gas or helping drive, i just want to get there somehow!
... 40 hours of work. In two days.
Hm, so it turns out i've got the days off for AC, without even asking.

So now i definitely want to try going. The question is, once again, who has roomspace, and who could share a ride?
Whee, another night where i should be sleeping, but am not due to either coffee, or lack of ... well, doing stuff.

Power outage this night at work. Fourth in a few months. Being the only tech in charge, means i`ve got to power everything down safely before i can go home, then get back there in the morning to power everything back up.

Which, considering the power goes out at 11pm, and comes back at 6-7am, means i don't have that long of a night left. But eh, it happens. I'm sort of used to not sleeping much by now.

Good thing is, work is slowly getting more stable and sane, oddly, in a way. I've been there for a year, and basically, every single daily task but one that i was given when i was hired has been either automated or made unnecessary. Whee...

Well, at least the system that automates everything is my own design, and well, i'm the only one who can maintain it, so i'm not putting myself out of work. At least, it gives me time to just mess with other hardware and software, which is rather nice. Good to have, since otherwise this job would, well, suck. I still miss driving forklifts.

On the not quite work side, things are sort of getting together. I'm way broke, but at least the driveway is driveway-like now. And the wall that keeps things from falling into my bedroom is solid. And i'll be able to start working on making my room room-like again, which i really need. My bedroom is still a pile of whatever that i can't use for anything more than ever. To the point where i can't do a damn thing, because everything is blocking everything. I can't setup my network because everywhere i could set it up, i'll need to tear down something to make the room useable again...

And to do that, i need money, which i don't have. So it just sucks. But well, i should be able to start working on that now at least.


Something that's really bugging me right now is, i don't fully know where i'm going. I do have plans for what i'd want to do and such for short or medium term stuff, but well, it's the long term stuff that's the question.

Part of me wants to move out, just get some spot out there an hour or two from the city, where nobody goes, and just have space to mess with projects and such. Which does seem like a good idea, but i'm afraid if i do that, it'll be too quiet to keep me motivated and doing stuff. Especially since i'd be pretty much alone, without anything to really kick me out of bed and get me doing things, and all that.

I'm still sort of considering just moving somewhere in another province, or country, or continent, or anything like that. I just don't know how much things would be better if i did that. Things seem good when visiting, but in the long run, they aren't always that nice. Especially with the current general paranoia and "somebody do something" attitude. I want somewhere with less laws, but without the idiots to mess it up.

Part of the problem also is... Well, it sucks to put it that way, but... When i was younger, it was easy to make huge plans, no limits, nothing. I haven't given up on them, i still want to be a dragon raptor on a spaceship some day, but hell, it's getting harder every day to keep seeing that as possible when looking ahead. Stupid human body with theorically limited lifespan. I feel as if i was already running out of time.

Can never know what the future has in store, but yeah...

Looking at everyone around that i knew as a kid or teen doesn't help. Everyone seems to have fallen into the "usual" life patterns. Got a girlfriend/boyfriend, an apartment, thinking about marriage, house, car, kids, job... All the rest is now "silly stuff from being a kid", no matter how serious it was back then.

Sometime i wonder who's right. Maybe i just don't want to admit i'm defective. But i'd much rather prove them wrong some day. At least, even if i don't reach the stars, i've still went further than quite a few already.

It's interesting how often i realize everyday that most people don't think the same way as i do.

I think that's quite a bit of... well, another problem. I don't know what to do with people...

Same problem as ever, really. I don't really have a problem getting along with people at work, or outside work, or elsewhere, but well, i'm running in "people compatibility" mode.

If i start acting as i want, or saying what i'm really thinking about and such, then i become too weird and strange and random for 'em.

But on the other side, most people when around me seem to act differently a bit when they know me, and well, not act as they normally would on certain topics and such.

Means we get along, yeah, but it`s still in a way an effort, and well, gets tiring after a while.

Annoyingly, seems like i get along better with younger people these days. Which is interesting... Good in a way, since it's relaxing, and nice to not have to control thing so much, but on the other side, there's a certain amount of maturity and well, stability that is lacking.

Where with older people, the stability and sometimes "maturity" is there, but the rest is gone.

It's kinda silly, but i'm slowly starting to hate that 18 and 21 years old thing. It's almost the defined point where people change, and where we drift apart. I've almost stopped caring about people to a point 'cause of that. I'm a good friend 'till they're allowed to start drinking and get into porn and whatever, then i'm just an old friend.

I know i go on often about the drinking and sex thing. Seriously, not that i'm trying to be uber-conservative or something, but ... why? Why is it so often seen as the ultimate thing? That's what really driving me mad lately. It's always brought up as the reward, or the obvious goal, or what's needed.

And of course, i'm not allowed to disagree. That would be wrong and weird and "why are you here again?".

Is it possible to find someone who's not either for, or against, but who just doesn't consider those a part of their world?

What kindof worries me is that part of me sometimes wants to give in just not to feel so much like an outsider. But i know i'd hate myself for it.


Weird kind of lonely right now, i guess.

It's annoying, i'm a bit afraid of saying that, because it implies wanting someone, and people always jump to conclusions.

Maybe if i could just clone myself? Haha, if i could, i could just tweak it to be dragony physically as well. Or make my own creatures, muahaha!

... hehe, now i feel all happy again.

Mwarf, anyway...

Maybe the problem could be that people are following patterns, where i try to follow dreams?

They go for the equivalent of what everyone else has, except in the way they see as better, where i just come up with something and go with it.

... i mean, who else uses bluetooth-connected wireless barcode scanners as spy cameras?

Yes, seriously. HHP imagers, with the visual menu software, set to serial port emulation and non-base association enabled. I laughed so hard when i realized that it DOES work.

It's black and white tho. But very high res, and surprisingly fast.

I so want to scare people at some point with that, imagine how may of those are in use all over the planet, and people don't realize they're actually cameras.

... yeah, offtopic. See, that's what scares people too. But i enjoy it.

But yeah, see, that's kindof what feels missing. I feel like i should have someone offline, here to just talk to about random stuff like that, or whatever really. And the freedom to just crash there with 'em, not call it a night and head home.

Because that sucks.

That kindof goes back to being a kid as well, remember when we'd just camp in the backyard and talk about just whatever we could think of, without restricting ourselves to socially acceptable stuff and such.

... and now, i know if i went on saying that offline to pretty much anyone, they'd just see that as "he wants to sleep with someone" and "he needs a girlfriend."

Which loops again. Bleh.

Do people get better at some point? Do they ever get past that stuff?
Or is there somewhere where they are?


Ever feel like you're being contaminated by music? I know the idea seems a bit strange, but well... Think about how often you make the connection between a few words, a few sounds, and a song.

What if no connection had been made? What if that train of thought hadn't been led to something already existing, but left to go on it's own path?

Or all those thoughts you could have had, while all you had was that stupid song looping over and over and over?

How many people turn anything they try to whistle into "Jingle bells"?

It's like if those were so overused, the paths so grooved in (can i say it like that?) that it's impossible to get out of them without climbing a wall.

Hehe, would be funny to try next christmas, take jingle bells, change a few notes and words, see how much people get bothered by it without realizing it, and how many would.

That makes me think of how often people complain that i'm against change.

I'm against things being replaced. I want both, damnit!

If they change my tomato sauce, it's no longer my tomato sauce. It might be awesome in other ways, which i'll love, but i'll miss my tomato sauce.

It should be simple, blah...

Yes, my macaronis and spaghettis are an important part of my life!

I eat too much fast food lately, but i hate making lunches and can't get myself to do it constantly. I want to convert a van into a mobile kitchen, and just make good food in the parking lot at work.

... i'll give sleep another try now, or i'll just be truely dead tomorrow at work.

I wonder how many people will just go "tl;dr".


Apr. 20th, 2009 10:07 pm
Trying to figure out plans now, so...

Who's going?

Who might be going?

Who might have crash space?

Who could offer a ride?

I'd like to know, so i can see how realistic it is for me to go!
... turns out a city inspector went here while i was at work. And apparently, they decided that the driveway i've been working on isn't allowed according to city laws.

Also decided that since we don't have a garrage anymore, we're not allowed to have a driveway at all.

Also decided that since we don't have any parking space on the property, we're not allowed to have multiple vehicles.

Also decided that my motorhome and vista cruiser were too large to be parked on city streets.

Also that they didn't look nice enough and could lower property value, so had to go.

And apparently, the Safari is also not legal to keep unless it's entirely fixed up and moved daily.

And we apparently have 10 days to fix things.

Oh, and apparently our property isn't large enough to have a parking space now.

And i'm still totally broke.

... this honestly is close to the worst thing that could have happened. *sighs*

I want to get away from these stupid cities and their laws.

*merfs and curls up*
This week finally was inventory week. Week of hell...

Boss was so stressed out it was just insane, couldn't give orders right anymore.

The inventory firm that came to help was less than helpfull with just about everything, constantly getting annoyed at people who can't remember 40 different keyboard shortcut for operating their handheld terminals. 4-line displays, so no chance of onscreen instructions.

Then the inventory firm people, who are supposed to be professional at this, made tons of mistake. We had to follow behind and redo what they did, in some parts i found that they went by how things look, not the actual product. So about 50 different SKUs of paint, with different finish and different colors, were just counted as one, and they also messed up some counts, just going by how many deep they can see, and ignoring a few more boxes sideway along the others, and stuff like that. Or not looking at the actual barcode of products and assuming that since the description is similar, it must be the same product.

This all got finished at about 2am. The inventory people gave me the files on an USB key, asked me to confirm the file was readable, then left. All i had to do was "simply" run step 7 to 9 in the inventory procedure documentation. Supposedly a 45min job at most. The bosses all left, only one security guy stayed behind to lock after i leave.

This is where my fun starts.

First, the inventory procedure documentation dates from 2003... Actually, was scanned in 2003. Some pages are tagged as "last revision: 06/11/96". The software is at version 13, this is for version 8. So i try to figure out where those options that were there in between 1996 and 2003 went now. After quite a bit of digging around, i find that the menus were relocated, renumbered, but mostly match what i do have on paper.

Now, the next fun step. It turns out that the procedure asks me to put the floppy or tape in the drive, specify the path to the file, then press enter. I have an USB key. Fun... Luckily, the file seems to be precisely 1.38Mb, so i just copy it to a floppy, as it seems to be just the right size for it.

Then i find out that the new server DOESN'T have a floppy drive, or the connector on the motherboard for one. I see that in the manual it says that it will autodetect an USB one. Problem is, i don't have one, and it's now 3h30 AM, so no chance of buying one now.

Oh, also, the store opens at 8am, before any computer store in the area does, and they already flushed the old inventory, so we'd be unable to open if i don't get this fixed.

So i go for plan b. They say you can use a tape. I remove the tape backup from the old server. SCSI. Gah. Luckily, my computer IS an old server, so i do have an onboard SCSI controller. Quick rush to install that, find out that it screws up my SCSI drive the way i installed it, mess with it some more, finally get it to read. Put tape in, tape snaps. Put another tape in, snaps again...

Yep, broken drive.

Plan C. Some people told me i am supposed to just be able to do it over USB. It's never mentionned in the documentation. Put the USB drive into the server. SCO Unix 5.0.6. Doesn't seem to be aware of what USB even is... Look around thru all the documentation, nothing about this. Google. Manage to find a few hacks that look promising, nothing works at all.

Remember that i'm NOT supposed to even have shell access on that system, i just hacked my way into it and rooted it a while back.

Finally, see something in a memo concerning that same problem. Apparently they assumed we'd be using redhat, which is the standard for non-Rona stores with OGC. So the USB thing isn't even in our version of the software, which kills that idea.

Plan D. Plug the USB drive into my computer, load the file, send it to my home dir on the server. Try to run the program, specifiying my home dir as the device path. Fails to find a file. Try with the end /, try with relative path to the software's current folder. Nothing at all.

I see that if i leave the path field blank it tries to load from /u2/ogcplus/sys1/MAGASIN, so i try putting the file there. Nothing. I get pissed, get into the shell script that runs the inventory load menu, finds that it just pokes the database. Go into the database manager, see that it's a stored procedure that runs a shell script. Find the script, FTP to my desktop, start poking at it.

Turns out that the file has to be allcaps, named PORTABLE, and with no extension. NOWHERE does it say that in the documentation, or when running the program. Filename is hardcoded in the database, and thanks to fixed-length strings, it's actually " PORTABLE", with all the whitespace before. Which is why the paths never worked, since it became "/usr/labl/ PORTABLE", since it was just putting the $path then the filename from the DB, without clipping.

So now that i've found that, i rename the file, start the script again. It finds something,.. I get a nice little blinking "Loading /u2/ogcplus/sys1/MAGASIN/PORTABLE into database, please wait." message. Seems alright. I check the process, it is alive and supposedly running. I look at the CPU useage... 100.0% idle. Maybe it's just really stupidly coded as before, or meant to wait a lot due to thinking it's getting the file from a floppy. I give it 10min, then just really see this is going nowhere, it's a 1.38Mb file, can't take that long no matter how crap your code is.

I just kill the process, it gives me a file read error. I noticed it was using CPIO with a bunch of parameters i can't recall here to supposedly copy the file. Params that don't work on files already on the drive. Grrr...

Remember that i "legally" am not supposed to have shell, and kill processes. So anyone else would still have their system locked up at "Loading", with no way to kill it, and every other user locked out.

I try a few different tweaks, try to edit the program's scripts to use just a simple CP instead, try to move the file by hand, bunch of other things. It complains about everything. I manage to make the script go further by removing a bunch of checks, so it skips the copying and unpacking and checking stage, since i've done all those by hand. It seems to run, then just complains about file not found. I notice that it just went and launched a dozen other scripts, can't tell which is glitching.

So i just print them all out, put a bunch of echos in the actual files, try to draw a map on paper as to what it's doing. Got about 200-300 pages of code on my desk and all over the floor right now, and am running on 24h without sleep.

While following that, i find out that it suddently switches to root to do some simple operations with awk for some reason. Which seems to be why it says file not found, 'cause it doesn't have read/write rights on the file. I chmod it to 777 so that everyone should have access to it, re-run the damn thing, which gets a bit further this time. However, it manages to read and copy the file, but then just starts throwing pages and pages of error. I try to follow further along the steps..

Then i find out that there's an undocumented option... The menu gives me "1-Load from TAR on floppy 2- Load from DOS CSV on floppy 3- Load from UNIX CSV on floppy". I have further down in the code a case, where it choses between 1-TAR, 2-DOS, 3-UNIX and 4-FILE, and 15-LOCFILE

Looking at the code, i see that 15 does load the file in the program dir. I try to run that, but it gives an error as it tries to copy the file on itself. I try 4 as an option, the script complains that 4 isn't in the choices, but does run anyway. It asks for the path. I put in my home dir. I get the loading message... But this time CPU useage shoots to 100%. Whee...

And it finally loads. It's now a bit past 5am.

So i continue with the procedure... As expected, the options i need are nowhere to be found. So lots of database poking is involved, i find the shell script names for what i need to do, unable to find where to find them in the menus, so i just run them like that.

For the first time this night, that goes fine, runs right away. Just takes forever.

About 6am now, the new inventory is finally loaded, the reports start printing...

Everything seems fine... Until i hear rain. Which seems a bit odd, considering i don't have any window nearby, and that i can't normally hear anything from outside. I get out of my office, see that it's raining in row 10... Skylight broke, water on the roof leaking in. A lot. I call the security while running to get large trash cans anything else that can collect water. There's already about 10ft square of floor covered in water. Out of all places, it had to be in the electricity departement, which still is powered since they needed the outlets running for the inventory people. Security cuts the power in a rush, we get a scare, thinking he killed the computer's power as well, but it was just the lights in the office.

After a bit, we get the water leak under control... I check my report, it's now at page 1600, and it's getting close to 7am... It's not near done. I just say screw this and head home... Inventory is loaded, the thing is printing, they can take care of putting more paper in and finshing that.

... of course, that couldn't just end there.

Just after getting home, i get a call from work.

The file transferred alright, yeap. But it turns out that there's huge amounts of stock still missing from the database. They want me back there ASAP. So yep, back there.

When at the store, they have the file open in excel, and show me the information that i was supposed to transfer that is missing. They ask what happened and blah... I look at the file.. It's not even the same i had. I poke around a bit, and it turns out that they saved the inventory in 3 parts, two of them at 1.38mb, the other just 800k. But they made a /Rona/inventory folder for the second part, and put the 3rd in "New Folder(1)" Apparently, the guy tried to save on the USB drive as a floppy. It asked three time to insert the next disk. First time he just pressed enter, it worked, second time it said the file already existed, so he entered a path, 3rd time he just created a folder and pressed save. So he thought he just managed to save it after three tries, where it just made 3 parts.

So it turns out, i just loaded the first out of three files. Nobody knew there were three files.

So i try to redo as i did yesterday, rename the file, upload, run the script... It flushes the previous data, then loads the first, then flushes and loads the second, then gives an error...


Now it's about 10am, i haven't slept, and i'm trying to figure out what is going on. The file is about 45000 lines long, and it's being parsed by a 200 pages script. It gives no error message beside "Could not load", which is the big stupid else in the main script, that gets run if ANYTHING fails.

So lots of poking around. i find out that they've put the file header a second time in the middle of the second file. Grr... Fix that, rerun the thing.

Then i realise that since it flushes the previous file, it won't work. So i try merging all three files together in one large 4mb one. I try to run it again, it gives me out of range error. I cut the file down to 65535 lines, it works. But i'm still stuck with lines that won't load, and need to be.

I finally realise that i can just run one file, run the rest of the import process, then it moves the data to a separate table, where it's not flushed. So i just re-run the three files separately after making sure the headers and tail are alright.

And it finally works. The entire inventory value seems to show up.

I should mention that since this was daytime, i had the whole administration, all the bosses staring over my shoulder the whole time, since basically until i had that fixed, all the transactions were being dropped due to invalid inventory.

So at about noon, i finally got to head home.

I want to sleep, but i had so much coffee now that i can't.

I seriously home it'll be another 8 years before a full inventory like this. On the good side, out of about 8Mk$ of inventory, we had about 210k$ of difference between what was in the DB before and the new inventory.

At FC! Room 249! SMS or IM to reach me, 1-514-562-9722
... but not in the usual way.


I've noticed something stupid about me and getting angry. When i get really mad at something, i kinda get an energy rush. Which could be bad, 'cause i could go into a "PYX SMASH STUFF! RAR!" mode. ... which can be sort of fun too, but destructive.

But the stupid thing that happens is then i just enjoy the energy rush too much and forget i'm mad 'cause i'm having too much fun with it.

Then i just get really hyper and bouncing around. Which is just silly. It's a bit like if energy just had to come out some way, and it did that way. Which is entertaining, at least.

Oh, and there needs to be some lasertag with barcode scanners. Close range action! I think that could be so silly, but so much fun. That way you couldn't snipe from far away, and you could just have pads with barcodes that have the player ID and body part on them, so you could really have an accurate way of knowing who and where you've hit. Could even do it outdoor that way!

It's funny to see how much i can manage to do with boring retail hardware. That stuff is so full of potential, but used so boringly...

Just a few days ago i found an old thing they were about to throw away, was used to sell house plans... Turns out it's an awesome trinitron CRT touchscreen, high precision stuff. The kind i'd never get the budget approved for. I'm making something awesome out of it.

I'm slowly getting my network back up and running, it's nice. And feels... Odd. It's like if having the network running... Not even being near it, but just having it running, somehow, it seems to give me a tech bonus of some sort. It's like if it was unicasting motivation to me over wlan or something. Even at work i feel so much more into it.

Oh, and that's another funny thing with work. It's so behind... well, was so behind technologically that i've been able to unload all my outdated and unwanted hardware onto them. I mean, some people were still running 486s and P1-75Mhz as main desktop. And NO, they weren't still good enough for them. They could run the terminal apps sure, yeah, but when they got a 65mb PDF for the 2009 product list, it just wouldn't do.

So i've gotten rid of most of my sub-950Mhz systems that way. Not that i really needed them for much. But it's so nice to be able to walk around the place and sort of know personally all the systems there. It's a nice bonus that working in a computer store doesn't give you. You get the systems when they die, but otherwise you don't ever hear from them. Now at work i can just go around and get comments, usually along the lines of "Thanks for the upgrade, it kicks ass!".

So much fun...

I'm finally at that point where i'm no longer trying to keep up systems that are falling apart, i've pushed thru, and now i'm going from the 2nd most outdated warehouse-type store one of the most up to date. And interestingly, nationwide, we're also kicking ass. Not all because of me, of course, but i know i'm a part of why we're doing so well. Having the systems ready and availible for what you need helps quite a bit, and having certain tasks cut from 45min to about one or two... More time to be on the sales floor, more time to make money.

And FC is coming! Whee! I'm kinda happy, this is the first convention this.ye.. wait, no. 2008 conventions were a mad rush. 2009 is starting smoothly... No mad rush from work to the airport this time. And yeah, i'm short on money, but not to the point of not being sure if i can eat, or make it home this time.

Job stability helps with that too. I know at least for sure there's more money coming.

Taxes are scaring me tho. I'm afraid i worked too much, and that they'll just tear me apart.

I'm finally starting to catch up on movie watching and stuff. Me and a coworker, which has now been converted to being a snake-type creature (muahahaha!) have started renting movies once a week, there's a 3 movie/7 days/7$ deal we take advantage of. So yay, i'm starting to know more what the hell people are making references to!

Oh, and i'm definitely starting to like some forms of coffee. Evil. Or not. I'm not sure anymore.

And i want to find other people who could do more refsheet-type stuff for me, going more in details for certain things.

... and i should be doing stuff!

See! This is what happens when i'm hyper and close to a keyboard.
... so i'd like to know who's going, as usual!

As far as i'm concerned, i should be getting there on the 22, and i'll head back home on the 26. I'm staying at the doubletree, hopefully on the party floor. I should have my phone and IMs, as usual, if the net doesn't die there like last year.

That's pretty much it.

Anyone wants to give moving to British Columbia a try?
I'm sure you're not supposed to search a DB like that...

... $code is the var sent to the script, it's supposed to return all the rows matching that code.


while ( in1_code != $code )
$try = random(0, 65535)
select in1_code, in1_seq from inv1 where in1_seq = $try;
select * from inv1 where in1_seq = $try into temp invres;


... so basically, it picks a row at random, checks to see if it's the one it wants, and repeats 'till it finds it.

... yeah right.

New server. Got to work a bit past 2pm, got out at midnight. Need to go back at 6am, in hope of getting the RCO system up so it talks to the cash registers.

An hour or two... Hah.

Can't wait for christmas. I CAN`T be called in for overtime then.
Whee, i made it home alive! *grins*

That was the most non-stop driving i've ever done. But it worked out, so yay! And it's starting to make me wonder if i'd be good as a trucker...

Me and Serephis took off from Montreal on thursday, landed in Greensboro, NC a bit past 10pm, where Rashan picked us up with the cruiser. Which made me very happy, to see that it is indeed road-tested with the new repairs and upgrades. New exhaust, brakes fully redone, and various other details fixed. And the thing still is very scary when riding as passenger, i think.

We got to his place, messed with stuff a bit, then got a few hours of sleep, from 1-am-ish to 5am...

And we woke up to see snow in north carolina, which isn't supposed to happen. It got blamed on us, apparently our canadian-ness attracted it.

Got on our way to Chicago after a quick-ish breakfast at Waffle House.

The ride up north was rather nice, except for quite a bit of snow as we went thru virginia and west virginia. No windshield washer really sucks at times like that.

Got to the convention at about 10-11pm, can't fully remember due to much sleep deprivation. Met up with Kelth right away, then Drako and Nikolai, then went out for food... Everything was pretty much closed, so we went to Denny's.

The convention went rather well, a few glitches due to being in a new hotel, but things went without any major problem. Artist alley seemed a bit small.

And following with the MFF tradition, we had to make an olive garden run. As usual, very awesome, but we felt as if about to pop...

A lot of hanging out, wandering around, chatting and such happened. As well as a few dealer room and artist alley runs. Due to a lack of money on my end, i didn't really buy anything this time, except for a comission with me, Drako and Serephis in it.

Some watching of US tv happened too...

Spent the last day at a different hotel, got some decent and much needed sleep, then finally had to leave. Dropped Drako at the airport, then got lost in chicago in search of food and gas, then started heading toward Montreal. The ride went fine 'till we started hitting snow in Michigan. Wasn't too bad, so we were able to keep around our 75-80mph cruising speed until we got close to the border. Had to slow down a bit, then in ontario we got large amounts of snow... So considering it's a rear wheel drive car with not much thread, that was scary.

At this point i had been up for quite a while, so i was getting dangerously sleepy. We had bought a set of computer speakers to use in car before, so it helped keep me alive and awake, but at some point i just had to park the car behind a truck to hide it and sleep for a bit. Just about an hour... Had to keep going.

That kinda worked, i stopped hallucinating things, but was still rather bad... Asked for a coffee with extra gas, then tried to correct myself and asked extra ice, then finally said sugar. The guy saw i really needed to wake up badly and gave me an extra-size, extra dark coffee.

Rest of the ride was kinda painfull, but went without any major problem. Hit a bit of morning rush traffic in montreal, but made it thru it without bumping anyone off the road.

I had fun trying to get the car around in small snow-covered streets. The car kept sliding around like crazy. But i got the hang of it after dropping Serephis at his place.

Then i had to go to work...

Another extreme dose of coffee kept me awake for most of the day. I kept falling asleep at random moments, but luckily nobody really noticed. I managed to leave a bit early, but just barely.

When i got home, i just crashed, slept from 5pm to 7h45 am the next morning...

Got up, tried to move the cruiser to the other side of the street... And lost a tire. Fun. No problem for 5000+ miles, then when i try to move it across the street, that happens.

Luckily, after some scary prices from tire places, i found a place that got me an old tire on my rim for 25$, so i can move it around again.

Now i just need to get my driveway ready, which i should be able to do without too much trouble now that i can carry things around... Got a gravel delivery scheduled for today.

And that's all i can think of for now.
At MFF! Room 527, 1-514-562-9722 for SMS or call!
Apparently, people don't think it's okay to patch up clothes with duct tape and staples.

And i just totally destroyed my shoes, blah, can't afford new ones before MFF.
MFF is happening soon, so the usual post...

Who's going to be there?

I'll be leaving for there from North Carolina, so if anyone wants to join along the way... We got space.

But then i'm not coming home the same way, so maybe not.

Maybe for just group road trip. Going there with the cruiser, and we have a CB, so group ride would be fun.

For the 6th time since a month or so, we get some horrible large chunks of steak. Taste like crap, and hard as hell. And overcooked as usual.

And my mother's reaction, as usual, is "I bought six dozens of those, you're eating them. If you don't, i'm never again buying steak."

We tell her to taste one, she just answers "I don't even like steak, of course i'll find it horrible."

Hell, it's what happens with almost any meal i like. My mother notices i like a certain thing after i bought some of it, decides that we'll have that as meal, buys the thing, then decides to switch to the cheapest, on sale brand.

Then it tastes like crap, and we complain about it. Then it's "Well, if you don't want to eat x kind of food anymore, i'm not buying any of it again."

... and according to my little bro, who went to school to become a cook, that would be perfectly good meat for other kinds of meal, but NOT plain steak like that.
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