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... been more than long enough since i've done one. With pictures even!

I don't actually remember what i've already posted before, and am too lazy to look it up, so i'll randomly start with this...

Beginning of the spring/summer was a bit of a pain. City inspector mess, wanting us to completely change the property because of assorted city laws. Turns out in the end there were many errors on their part, and laws that were changed after modifications had been already done, so they couldn't force us to do most of the stuff. Still, that did force me to finish my driveway and all, resulting in this.

The new driveway (and cars!)

How it was before.

So no more collapsing walls, or driveway causing water to flow down into my room! And extra parking space, plus a somewhat flat surface to work on cars onto. Whee!

That did cost a small fortune, but at least not as bad as it would normally have, thanks to being able to grab discount stuff from work.

Next thing was taking care of the room. It wasn't flooding anymore, which was good, but with all that emergency packing and unpacking, and tossing things around, and well... Not being home due to it sucking and instead going to friend's place, my room had kinda turned into this... rather insane mess.

I'll admit it, i've never been really good at keeping my room clean, but it rarely got to THAT point before. And in addition to that, the floor underneath is kinda going to hell, the walls aren't right and such. There was no way i was going to survive a winter stuck inside with my room unusable like that. I did have a second room as well, which wasn't in a much better condition, but at least i could work on one while fixing the other...

So i went to work on the other one first.

Started by tearing everything down, then putting up new wall structures and insulation , and then new drywall, a new floor, redid the wiring, etc, etc...

All that in a rather hurried way, since i had european visitors on the way.

But i still managed to get that room turned into sleeping space for two in time for that, and now finally got some computers properly setup in there as well. Which i'm very happy with. Quad-screen on one computer, and a KMV hooked up to the 5th screen for the servers. This is far from complete, but much more functional than the previous setup. Not quite my 3 walls of displays as before, but it'll get there, i'm sure! *grins*

With LCDs this time. So much nicer to have to plan for a 6-10in depth, instead of 24 to 32in deep... Oh, and not to need constant ventilation and air conditioning for the room to be survivable. I'll also now keep the servers'n such in a separate room from the gaming/work systems.

Those servers are now on the other side of that wall, temporarily on a system of shelves, eventually in a proper rackmount setup. I'll also have the wires run thru the wall to the displays and keyboards on the other side of the wall. Noise and heat stays there, the actual bedroom gets to stay cool and quiet.

I still need to finish quite a few things there, and well, redo the entire room that used to be my bedroom before the winter, so that i'll finally once more be able to actually do things at home!

All this would also be why i've been less online, and why the servers and all aren't as stable... Kept getting moved around while i worked.

Anyway, that's all for now. Need sleep.

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